Our commitment

We are fiercely committed to developing conscious solutions and a thoughtful range of wellness supplements. We guarantee our products are always cruelty free, vegan and sourced entirely from nature. Since 2021, EMIKA's goal has been to provide not only clean formulations supported by science, but also sustainable, zero waste products that you will enjoy.


In order to demonstrate our commitment to this core value, we made these our standards from the beginning with our Reusable Miron Glass Jars and Compostable refill pouches with no plastic scoops. Although we were told this is an expensive way to start out, we demanded this high standard from the very beginning.


Our supplements are also made in collaboration with supplement formulation experts in Australia who are at the forefront of innovation and share our core values. They are then hand packaged in our regional Queensland headquarters, where we only order in small batches to avoid waste and overproduction.


What is our company doing to reduce your emissions or combat key environmental issues?

We hand pack in our regional Queensland HQ where we only order in small batches, avoiding mass-production and waste. All of our packaging, supplies & couriers are sourced in Australia eliminating emissions caused from sourcing overseas and have carbon neutral parcel delivery.


How are the products our company offers made from environmentally friendly materials?

Our blends are 100% natural, ethically sourced and contain organic ingredients where possible. Our Australian food manufacturing facility is accredited by the NSW Food Authority, is Australian Certified Organic, HACCP, Kosher Australia and Halal certified. We use a third-party company for testing and analysis to certify our gluten-free and dairy-free claims.


Do you partner with ethical factories that meet international labor standards?

We have chosen ethical Australian based manufacturers & suppliers who allow us to order in small batches to eliminate waste and overproduction.


How does our company give back to the community?

This year we donated to our local Relay For Life fundraising committee that were raising vital funds for those impacted by cancer. We show our appreciation for our upcoming heroes by providing discounts and sponsorship to the UNISC Australia Dietetics & Nutrition Student Society.

How has your company made a commitment to achieve and maintain inclusion & diversity?

Simply put, EMIKA is an organisation that is undisputed in its commitment to diversity and acceptance. Our goal is to create a society in which diversity is not only expected, but also celebrated.

We know that every action, interaction, and representation matters, so we make this a priority in everything we do, from the campaigns we run to the brand imagery and cross-platform messaging we use. As privileged people, we must be socially conscious.

After all, the ultimate form of beauty and wellness begins from within.



We are an Australian Made and Female founded company, dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality all-natural supplements sourced right here in Australia. Formulated with the expertise of leading food technologists in order to deliver a potent blend of high quality, natural & clean ingredients; which enhances your gut health and overall wellbeing. You can feel confident in knowing our products will always be cruelty free, gluten free, artificial free and vegan.

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Our promise is to instil confidence in you rather than take it away. We're on a mission to make nutrition more enjoyable for everyone. Based on the principles of sustainability for both the planet and the well-being of our community. We are passionate about removing the stigma surrounding traditional plant protein powders and aim to continually educate and inspire our community to understand the benefits of supporting your well-being through high quality all natural supplements and a healthy lifestyle.



When we decided to create this community, we acknowledged it was our responsibility to do whatever we can to be as eco-friendly & sustainable as possible.

Grounded in sustainability for both the planet and the well-being of our community, we decided to make these standards from the very beginning.

- Reusable Miron Glass Jars
- Biodegradable refill pouches
- No plastic scoops

~ To eliminate plastic waste filling up landfill on our beautiful earth ♻️🌏

We will have a reusable scoop & a biodegradable scoop option coming soon as requested by you!

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